Investment planning for airfield pavements,
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Pavy is a digital cloud-based asset management platform that enables airports to make more strategic decisions on pavement investment.

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How It Works

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Key Benefits

Supports intelligent CapEx planning

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Helps to prioritize critical interventions and compare alternative investment scenarios

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Communicates your investment needs visually and intuitively

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Further Benefits

  • Helps to apply asset-management best-practice and access Jacobs domain expertise
  • Allows high-level scenario, portfolio and capital planning
  • Enables you to harness the power of your data
  • Empowers effective communication through visualization of key information
Optimize Investment

Key Features

Valuable functionality to enable you to make the right decisions and communicate effectively between engineering and finance teams.

  • Interact with visual dashboards, maps and charts
  • Set input parameters to model your airfield
  • Assess investment needs against annual budgets
  • Estimate future airfield performance
  • Evaluate different treatment strategies
  • Build-in local knowledge to help shape CapEx plans
  • Export and share key outputs with your teams
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"The Pavy Solution developed by Jacobs, was born from the Asset Management principles conceived by Heathrow Airport Limited.

Jacobs has embraced these principles to create a clear visual platform, utilizing some of the functionality from Heathrow’s Decision Support Tool (DST) and making it applicable to all airports, whatever their size.

Pavy, along with Jacobs’ consultation support, aims to provide optimized CapEx spend profiles, client decision support and contribute in future airfield pavement planning. Immediate feedback and basic scenario forecasting combined with visual plans, gives Pavy an opportunity to change the field of Airfield Pavement Asset Management.

The work Jacobs has done here, and the future of Pavy is really exciting.”




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Challenging today.
Reinventing tomorrow.

Jacobs has nearly seven decades of aviation experience spanning commercial service, general aviation and military and aerospace facilities, airport planning, architecture, engineering, program and construction management, consulting and speciality services worldwide.

Pavy builds on this experience, aligning its capabilities to the challenges of the sector, whilst providing you with the support and guidance you need to undertake your capital planning with confidence.

The asset management principles behind Pavy were originally conceived by Heathrow Airport who strive to excel in how they manage their airfield pavements.

Jacobs produced the models and developed Pavy to support the management of Heathrow’s 4 million m2 of airfield pavement.

*Airport clients commissioned Jacobs to create an asset management tool to help manage their pavement investments. The models created by the asset management team were then used as the basis of Pavy, and developed further to align the capabilities with the ongoing challenges of the aviation sector.

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Our pricing is tailored to you, based on the size of your airfield pavement.

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We have categorized airports into three sizes, Small, Medium and Large to offer you tailored pricing packages suited to your airport.

You fall into our small sized airport category. We offer a low annual licence so you can make the most of our platform.

Please contact us to discuss your pricing.

You fall into our medium sized airport category. We offer pricing based on the area of your airfield pavement so you pay a reduced annual licence.

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You fall into our Large sized airport category. We offer bespoke pricing for larger clients tailored to your needs.

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